The ULTIMATE handheld or camera mounted video monitor and recorder

The sound devices Pix 240 is the new kid on the block of highly portable cost effective HD-SDI recorders that greatly enhance the picture performance of many cameras by enabling the raw output to be recorded at much higher data rates. The Pix 240 goes to the next level by providing the option of either DNxHD (Avid) or Apple Pro Res (Final Cut) file formats and records full 10 Bit colour information surpassing the quality of the Nano’s 8 Bit codec whichlimited colour grading and post flexibility.

What’s more it also has professional XLR audio inputs, Ambient Timecode, loop through HD-SDI and HDMI input/outputs and a very good LCD screen so you can use it as a monitor. Plus not being a touch screen means that the LCD is there for your image only and wont get covered in finger marks! The Pix 240′s“old fashioned” buttons and controls make operating very easy and it’s a dream to use. You will see rushes off these recorders on the BIG screen and small screen of many high production standardfilms and television shows, they are that good.